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Spiral duct and duct fittings

Duct forming machine mainly has the following characteristics: 1, forming duct making machinery to make quality steel plate from harm, zinc coating is not destroyed, extended service life. 2, standard uniform, size standards to ensure the pipe wall is smooth, so easy to clean, smooth transportation of materials. 3, since the material forming flange pipe unity can no longer use the angle iron flange, reducing the weight of 20% or more channels, so the building load bearing capacity can be greatly reduced, thereby reducing the overall cost of the building. 4, enhanced pipeline beautiful, beautiful appearance, compact structure, flowing lines, superior performance, exposed duct installation,
Especially suitable for this product. Five, the typical garden-shaped pipe length generally 3-6 m, 1-1.5 m long rectangular tube, reducing pipe connection point, so that junction leakage of pipe to a minimum. 6, mechanical assembly line production of pipe fittings and joints and sealing parts are standard, as is standard, factory production, and therefore better air tightness. 7, mechanical molding pressure bar and strengthen the tendons, and increase the strength of the wall can save material thickness and reduce costs. Helical seams, seam thickness tube potential 4 times, so that the rigid pipe is very large, with the best performance under pressure, especially negative pressure, particularly outstanding. 8, Science
Joints, seams, methods can guarantee gas pipeline flow, without affecting the flow pipe diameter. 9 unique welding, using a new form of low-temperature welding, the product without destroying the zinc coating, solder joint firm, weld appearance, sealing, seam after welding does not require any treatment. 10, mechanical assembly line production, improve production efficiency, effectively shortening the delivery cycle. Advanced computer process control procedures materials, production, ensure the pipe size of precision parts, thus ensuring fast installation and construction to facilitate and enhance work efficiency and economic benefits.



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